Ourofino, the largest Brazilian company in the manufacturing of veterinary products, performs in the segments of animal health and agriculture.

Founded in 1987 by the business partners and childhood friends, Norival Bonamichi and Jardel Massari, Ourofino supplies solutions for agriculture and cattle breeding assisting the production of food in Brazil and in various

Ourofino Saúde Animal

in Cravinhos - SP

Ourofino Saúde Animal - Cravinhos - SP

Ourofino Agrociência

in Uberaba - MG

Ourofino Agrociência - Uberaba - MG

Ourofino employs more than 1400 people directly. The company has its foundations based on its humble origins, brave entrepreneurship spirit, commercial dynamism and high investments in research and development of products.



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In 1987, Jardel and Norival made a pact. All profit of the company would return straight to it. They would only have a humble salary which would be enough for them to live with dignity. The rest would be reinvested in people, products, technology, managing tools, and ultimately in anything that was necessary for its growth. Norival says it is common in Brazil for companies with a very good start to end up in tragedy. Rich owners - Poor companies. They wanted to build a very different story, the story of a company that reinvents itself every day.


Whoever you ask to what the secret of success is, one answer will invariably be repeated: the success of Ourofino is connected to the success of the founder partners relationship. Norival is oppositional, adventurous, and audacious and has always taken care of the commercial area. Jardel is more realistic, calm and peaceful. He is the one to bring Norival’s feet back to the ground when he drifts too much. He has been responsible for the administrative and financial management. Though different , two things have always been common between them: respect and trust. “We have had a joined bank account for more than 20 years and we have never sat to check who had spent more or less. We spent the necessary for the company to develop”, says Norival.

The union of competences is what works. “We are more than brothers, since brothers you cannot choose. Our relationship comes from our childhood. It’s a whole life”, says Jardel.

Nothing was easy, mainly in a country with sky high inflation, economical packages, insecurity, and lack of capital and high interests - problems which were joined to a start of amateurism and inexperience. “We had to go with our feeling”, says Jardel. “We worked 16 hours a day, we had no weekends. It was a terrible engineering to turn stocks and make money. Later, we started to study opportunities in the market and our dynamism and enthusiasm were great”.

There was never a moment they thought things wouldn’t work. Terrible financial moments have passed during specific times, but an entrepreneur is an optimistic by nature. And that is just as well!

Today Ourofino is a consolidated company. It is respected in the market for the quality of its products, for its innovative characteristic and for the way it treats its employees.

The company could have bought television commercials and marketed its products in advertisements. But, no, it put its own studio together, created its program to talk straight to the agricultural producers and cattle raisers, exactly the way it does to its commercial team.


And, since its foundation Ourofino has had the wit to keep its original features. It is a company that has started with commerce. It’s industrial and commercial.

It is a company that belongs to Brazilians who came from the countryside and who understand more than anyone else how the relationship of agricultural producers and cattle raisers of these countries develops. The secret of the success lies not only in the talent of Norival and Jardel, or in their entrepreneurship spirit, courage, boldness, but specially on the fact of being able to unite and conduct a good team. The secret of success is the people. And they know that. That is why they value so much the people who work with them.

Jardel Massari e Norival Bonamichi

“I’d like to thank all of our employees who through these years have been with us, being part of our history. I want to say that Ourofino is a company that makes it happen and is in continuous action, it respects its employees and has a great concern with social responsibility. It is a transparent company, which values the relationship between employees and the work environment. This is more important than money. Seeking to have a good relationship with your colleague and the family environment is paramount for Ourofino to continue to succeed.”
Jardel Massari

“I’d like to thank all who have started with us this path since the company’s foundation, those who are here and those who aren’t for different reasons. I am thankful to all on each level – in the same way and with the same intensity and respect – from the porter to the genitor, the director, the vice-director. The ones who are here today are being convened again and invited to accomplish another path to take this history of success onto the years to come”.
Norival Bonamichi