Social Responsibility

Ourofino trains “Golden Citizens”

The project carried out by the company follows up on the social education of young people.

Cidadãos de Ouro

More than a reference industry in Agribusiness, Ourofino develops social projects that are successful. Giovani Zeca, 15, is a responsible, proactive and very willingly young man. That is how the Human Resource Assistant, Marília Mello, from Ourofino, assesses the skills of the young trainee who has been incorporated to the team of the company after taking part in the projects “Golden Youth” and “Golden Citizens”, developed by Ourofino.

The social values that were aroused during the programs made the difference during the recruitment process for the job opening. Giovani is the oldest child of a builder Pablo Eduardo and of the homemaker Karina; he is enrolled on the 9th year of secondary school in Cravinhos (SP), and he already knows what he wants for the future. “I am going to be an architect. Every month I save part of my wage to pay for the tuition fees of the university I want to attend”, he declares.

Giovani is the first example of the sustainable cycle of people training which has been promoted by Ourofino. “The path was set and the door is open. The company contributes for the personal and professional development of these youngsters, which makes a difference when you think of their growth. It is an opportunity to complete the cycle of sustainable development in the company and in the community, commenced with “Youth of Gold”, comments the Social Responsibility Manager, Daniela Achite.

“The work in Ourofino is a new experience; it helps me go forward professionally and to put into practice what I learned in the projects. In “Golden Citizens” we are encouraged to be a role model to the younger and that is what I want to be”, says Giovani.

Ourofino is one of the largest Brazilian companies in the segment of products for animal health and vegetable health. The company has excelled in the market due to its innovative profile, for the quality and technology employed in its operations, and also for its strong sense of social responsibility.

Among the various leading actions of Ourofino is the support to aid entities, the development of special projects in communities in which it is inserted, the practice of volunteer actions from its employees, besides the constant concern with the environment. One of its main programs is the “Youth of Gold”, directed to the education, culture and sports practice for children and teenagers.

Created in 2009, the “Youth of Gold” is a joint realization with the city of Cravinhos (SP). Weekly, 150 children, with aged between eight and twelve, duly enrolled in local schools, split themselves in alternative times from school to participate in extra activities of the project in the sports center and in the leisure area in Ourofino.

The program is aimed at youngsters from underprivileged families from the region where Ourofino is present. According to Daniela Achite, the initiative contributes to the rescue of their self-esteem and presents values of citizenship to the children and teens, enabling the sustainable development of the community. “The objective is to democratize the access to sports and educational culture as a way of social inclusion, taking up the free time of the children”, concludes. Around 400 youngsters have been benefited by the program.

In 2011, the project “Golden Citizens” was created to be a follow up to the actions developed on the previous project. The participants, aged between 13 and 14, learn about professions, developing activities aiming their start in the professional market and are indicated to recruiting institutions to be part of selection programs in companies from Cravinhos and its region.


This very well-known initiative of Ourofino benefits weekly more than a thousand families, 130 underprivileged children from the project “Golden Youth” and six aid entities. Created in 2009, “OUR VEGETABLE GARDEN” celebrates more than 50 tons of food delivered each month.

The project contributes with meals offered by organizations from communities where Ourofino is present – in Ribeirão Preto (Adevirp and ONG “Grande Cidadão”), Cravinhos (Home for the Elderly “São Vicente de Paulo ,” Casa da Sopa and Daycare “Irmãs Franciscanas”) and Uberaba (Pênfigo Hospital).


Around 30 varieties of vegetables, fruit and greens are bought by Ourofino. The employees of the company “go shopping” every week in a structure that was put together in the units of Ourofino (Cravinhos-SP and Uberaba-MG).


“The products of ‘Our vegetable garden’ are made available weekly so that they (aid entities) can feed underprivileged people in their cities”, explains the leader of rural production, Carlos Aguiar.

In order to take the vegetables home the employees and the children use ecological bags with the “our vegetable garden” logo. Over 3, 5 thousand bags are distributed monthly.

“We prioritize the quality of products which are distributed and always seek to balance the items that are delivered every week”, adds Aguiar.


Social Inclusion

Another project that excels in the social area is the “Shop of the future”. Since 1999, the company prepares students with special needs from the Centro de Educação Especial e Ensino Fundamental Egydio Pedreschi, from Ribeirão Preto (SP) for the market. The participants learn to perform activities related to the finish of products manufactured by Ourofino, as folding information leaflets, fixing labels, stamps etc. They get a monthly wage for their work. Many of the students from the “Shop of the Future” have been contracted by the company.