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Ourofino Saúde Animal is voted the best company in pharmaceutical drugs in Troféu Agroleite 2016

Award ceremony took place on the 17th, in Castro (PR), with the presence of representatives of the company

Ourofino Animal Health received the award as the best company in the category of pharmaceutical drugs in recognition to the portfolio of the company. The award is given by public vote, held from February to June of the current year.

"The development of dairy cattle breeding is one of the main dedications of Ourofino, among them is our initiative "Leite é Bom com Tudo”, in addition to the full portfolio and unique to the protocols of lactation and drying of cows.  We are extremely proud to receive this recognition granted by public vote," says Fábio Viotto, marketing director of the company.

The Agroleite Trophy is the most important award in the dairy industry, awarded annually at a ceremony at the  Dutch Immigration Memorial (one of the largest windmills in Latin America) in Castrolanda, in Castro (PR), to those who stand out most in the industry.

Until the 20th, Ourofino Saúde Animal presents the campaign Leite é Bom com Tudo, an initiative that promotes the consumption of alcohol and its derivatives among all links in the productive chain, in its own home, in the Deustch Village in the 16th edition of Agroleite. "The work is carried out with partners from the primary sector, where the producers, dealers and cooperatives that act providing materials and products are; from dairy produce, up to, and especially consumers," explains Jean Pericole, manager of products for dairy cattle from Ourofino.  Check the campaign

About acknowledgment

The Agroleite Trophy was created in 2002 to honor the biggest and best highlights of segments linked to the dairy chain in recognition and appreciation of the contribution of each one of them in all production stages, from the activities developed inside farms, to those aimed at the end consumer.

From the beginning, the Trophy Agroleite is managed by the Núcleo Organizacional do Agroleite, a fair with national importance in the dairy sector. 

Ourofino Saúde Animal is voted the best company in pharmaceutical drugs in Troféu Agroleite 2016

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