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Injectable Gentrin for bacterial challenges

The antibiotic is the most concentrated gentamicin in the market and prevents bacteria action in Brazilian poultry.

In the last decades, Brazil which is currently the worldwide leader in poultry exportation, being present in more than 140 countries, has modernized its processes to conquer the most demanding markets and to guarantee  good quality product to consumers.

Poultry farmers, technicians and area professionals are always looking forward to the improvement of biological indexes, cost/benefit, and enhanced production of chicks. Disease prevention is among the main investments in the poultry sector” says Amilton Silva, Ourofino´s Poultry and Swine line director.

In hatcheries, the Injectable antibiotic Gentrin based on Gentamicin, is used against different bacterial challenges. “Gentamicin from Ourofino is prescribed for the first life phase of the birds, because bacteria find (inside hatcheries) a perfect environment for their proliferation due to the presence of organic material” says Luciano Catelli, technical manager for the Poultry and Swine line of Ourofino.

The efficiency of the product is mainly seen during higher stages of bacterial challenge. In ovo vaccination process, though the needle is disinfected, contamination from one egg to the next can occur because the orifice remains opened for 48 hours until chicks are born. Besides, chicks from broiler breeders which are in the first or last five laying weeks are more susceptible to microorganisms.

“In the first laying weeks, broiler breeders do not know yet the site of the nest, and because of that they end up laying their eggs on the floor, causing “dirty eggs”. It facilitates contamination and can lead to embryo death or the death of the chick after birth. In the last five weeks, the process tends to be similar. As the hen is already in the end of its reproductive life, eggs are big, leading to an increase in the diameter of the pores of the shell. It also facilitates the entrance of bacteria strains of the environment”, concludes Catelli.


The Injectable antibiotic Gentrin has a registration which allows it to be diluted in the vaccine against Marek disease, applicable directly in the chicks or through in-ovo technique.

If you wish to know more about this product, access the product page by clicking here.

Injectable Gentrin for bacterial challenges

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