Quarta-feira, 06 de Agosto de 2014

Ourofino launches the new presentation of Fluatac Duo

With an exclusive formula in the market, the product which controls internal and external parasites gains a 5 liter pack, more practical and economic.

Ourofino Saúde Animal launches the new version of Fluatac Duo, indicated to the strategic control of bovine parasites. From now on, the product is also marketed in a 5 liter pack, more practical and economic.

With an exclusive formulation in the market, based on Fluazuron (20% more concentrated than others) and abamectin, Fluatac Duo combats ticks, horn flies and larva, and presents high efficiency in the treatment of gastrointestinal worms. “Since its arrival in the market, in 2010, it has been a huge ally to breeders, innovating in the control of main livestock parasites, improving farm production”, says Jean Perícole, product manager of Ourofino.

“Besides being more economic, this 5 liter version facilitates transportation and storage of the product. Its application on the animals is also more efficient, avoiding any waste of product”, completes Marcus Rezende, Animal Health Technical Department Director of the company.

Produced and marketed by Ourofino in its 1 liter version for four years, Fluatac Duo is able to interfere in the chitin production - a substance that is responsible for the cuticle production in the tick - preventing it from changing its growth phase. With a Pour On application system, the product combats parasites systemically through bloodstream, from larvae to adult forms. The 1 L presentation will still be available in the market.

Ourofino launches the new presentation of Fluatac Duo

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